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My consulting and Bioresonance services provide extensive testing and relief from chronic illness and symptoms.

Bioresonance can answer your questions and provide solutions that may have illuded you from experience health and well-being.  


Over the course of time medicine has advanced into ever more narrowly defined areas. In the early Middle Ages, medicine was still largely based on vague beliefs and assumptions retained from ancient times. Little by little the internal workings of the human body were studied, its organs, their make-up, and function, blood circulation, blood constituents, cells, DNA and genes as well as bacteria and viruses and parasites.

Now, with research into DNA and genes, medicine has advanced into an area where information is carried.


Now we know that cells also carry information and communicate with one another through bio photons.


The Nobel prize winner Carlo Rubia (1984 Nobel prize), general director of the CERN atomic research centre in Geneva, expressed this very clearly: “We usually only consider matter because we can see and touch it. Much more important however are the interacting quanta which hold matter together and determine its struructor”

Bicom bioresonance operates at the biophysical level and uses information from the body’s electromagnetic field and from substances to test stresses and for the purposes of administering therapy.


Too far away to visit my office?  Allow me to support you remotely. Feel better from regularly sessions enjoyed in the comfort of your home no matter where you live.

Find Optimal Health & Resolve Your Health issues

Do you have nagging Health Problems that you haven’t been able to solve?
Have you tried a number of things and still haven’t reached your optimal health?
Optimal health means different things to different people.

you will leave this session with:

    • A clear vision of your health goals
    • Discover the challenges that are stopping you
    • Uncover the #1 obstacle that is keeping you where you are
    • Identify powerful solutions to help you change
    • Leave the session knowing exactly what you need to do next

One very important thing that has been missing in the field of health care which is a comprehensive view of the different levels of life at which any given health problem originates. At Your Next Step In Health, we start each session by checking to see what level of life is best to use for resolving the real underlying causes of the problem.

Our programs are based on a new field that is called Human Software Engineering (HSE). While quite simple, the Levels of Life model is one of the most important tools of HSE. It guides us to work at the level where the problem really exists.

The Get Health-Stay Healthy program is one of the most advanced applications of HSE and is specifically for improving health and wellness. It is also one of the most logical and “make sense” programs for removing the underlying basis of chronic health problems ever developed. This is because the program approaches the causes of chronic health problems at their true origin.

Your next Step In Health has taken the best of Linda’s experience and created an effective solution for your health. Her interests in this work began when she looked to integrate current and medical models with a holistic approach to health and healing, and after many years of education and work experience, she decided to bridge that gap.

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I am very pleased with the results of my sessions with Linda. She was able to help me pinpoint exactly what was getting in the way of y fear of pursuing a mew as[ect pf ,y career. She then helped me clear the surrounding emotions that were keeping me stuck. I have experienced huge changes in the areas in which we worked, and now feel comfortable pursuing my dream. I highly recommend Linda’s services.

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