Declare your independence from hormone imbalances chaos!  It is never too late in the game to take a look at how you can improve your symptoms and health.  Whether you are mid 20’s or heading into your 70’s taking a look at your levels are the best way to stop the guessing when the next shoe will drop.  

We typically don’t realize how our hormones affect our bodies until some sort of imbalance occurs. When there’s a hormonal imbalance, it means there’s either too much or too little of a specific hormone in the bloodstream. This affects the body greatly as hormones regulate most of our major bodily processes such as your metabolism, sleep cycle, heart rate, sexual function, mood, and so much more. The symptoms of the imbalance depend on which hormones are involved, while both lifestyle habits and environmental factors can be the root cause.

During a woman’s lifetime, it’s not uncommon for her to experience multiple periods of hormonal imbalances. These often occur during reproductive changes such as puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, etc. Additionally, hormone imbalance can come about during times of stress or through unhealthy habits.

My hormone rejuvenation program is based upon that our bodies are natural, exquisitely powerful and unique systems that were designed to maintain a balance through individualized care, which encourages nutrition, balance and self-care.  The protocol that has been designed is to rejuvenate your hormones to a natural state without the use of synthetic or bio identical replacements causes the body to further become unbalanced.