With more than twenty-five years of experience in the healthcare field, Linda Bedrosian, RN is the founder of Your Next Step In Health. Since starting as the director of marketing with Progressive Respiratory Care in 1989, Linda has served as a staff RN in various agencies, most recently, the University of California San Diego. It was as a nurse that Linda realized her deepest desire: to help others prevent illness before it was too late and enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness.

Today, Linda fulfills her passion for guiding others towards whole-body health as the owner of Your Next Step In Health and expert in chronic health issues elimination. Like in her nursing career, Linda has worked closely with countless individuals; with Your Next Step In Health, however, she seeks to heal the root cause of disease by using a multi-faceted approach which considers each person’s habits, lifestyle, and relationships and creates a personalized plan of action to meet health and wellness objectives, simply, and easily.

Call for a Health Assesment and find all the reasons or hidden causes of why you cannot remain healthy!